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Stephanie Manuel  recommends My New Trainer, LLC.

One of the most motivated and motivational people I have ever met. He gives you an amazing workout and it doesn’t need to be in a gym. He doesn't sugar coat his training. The harder you work the harder he works you.... HIGHLY recommend.

Chrissy Almeida Barton  recommends My New Trainer, LLC.

I have been training with John for the past 5 years or so . I started with absolutely zero self-confidence. I have always struggled with my weight. I HATED the gym and would sign up and never go . I grew up a dancer , so I always kept active but was not strong . I started out slow training two times a week for 30 minutes and decided to try John’s yoga class . My entire mindset changed . I am now training 4 days a week for an hour and continue with yoga . I stopped weighing myself and try and focus on how I feel . Which is AMAZING at 51 . I cannot thank him enough for changing my life .

Rick Johnson reviewed My New Trainer, LLC5 star

Okay, folks, here’s the straight skinny. I don’t care for the gym. I know, it’s hard to believe but it’s basically true. It is okay, but if I can go to the gym or have a colonoscopy i would choose the colonoscopy. At least I get a good night’s rest. Enter John. He listened to me. I knew him before I had him as a trainer and thought he was pretty cool. We had the opportunity to try him out and he was great. If you want to make a positive change in your life, start with John. You won’t be disappointed. I’m not saying I love the gym but he is making it far more interesting than it used to be. It’s amazing what he can do to work your body without making it seem like working out.

Digby R. Kerr reviewed My New Trainer, LLC5 star

John changed my life immensely! He is not just a physical fitness trainer, but a motivator and a friend! John epitomizes physical fitness, and even mental health as he rounds it off with yoga, kick boxing, as well and many other levels of training. Thank you John for all that you did for me! I wish you every ounce of success you achieve, because you have earned every bit of it!!

Lucy Rossi Petrella reviewed My New Trainer, LLC5 star

John Z is a true fitness professional. He not only teaches living a fit and healthy life, but he lives it! He changed my life completely and forever. Interested in improving your life? Talk to John!!

Rich Hamel reviewed My New Trainer, LLC5 star

Great trainer, will work within your needs to get results

Thomas Burr reviewed My New Trainer, LLC5 star

John absolutely knows his stuff. Got me trained up to do a 25 mile bike ride this spring, and am now training for the Hartford (1/2) Marathon. I am #FeelingGreat!

David Fleet reviewed My New Trainer, LLC5 star

Johnny Z is the real deal!!! Listen to his advice, stay disciplined and you will change your life!!!

Chrissy Almeida Barton reviewed My New Trainer, LLC5 star

At 47 years old I have never physically felt better in my life !!! I have been working with John for for over a year now and it has been a great experience. He has dedicated his life to helping people, which I admire so much. You ROCK John , and I love the person inside and out I have become because of you .

Nathan Lemieux reviewed My New Trainer, LLC5 star

It's great you should try it I am rating it at least 5 stars.

Diane Rinaldi Tyc reviewed My New Trainer, LLC5 star

John and Terry are great motivating, encouraging trainers! I'm not sorry I joined...and the clients are just as motivating!

Piper Rissmiller reviewed My New Trainer, LLC5 star

John is one of the most inspirational trainers I've ever worked with. I was a competitive gymnast for ten years and a D-1 cheerleader after that. I've worked with a number of elite strength and conditioning coaches, but John surpasses all of them. I happened upon a class he was teaching at ESPN and have been hooked ever since. It is a full body workout that goes by so quickly but produces the best results. I recently ran the San Francisco half marathon with absolutely no running training, and was able to finish in just over 2 hours doing solely John's workouts. I highly recommend his training for all ages and all kinds of people.

Christine Danylik Ivers reviewed My New Trainer, LLC5 star

Never thought I would enjoy cardio and strength training so much. Thanks John!

Jeany Gagliardi Lawrence reviewed My New Trainer, LLC5 star

John is a great trainer. He is enthusiastic, encouraging and challenging!! He's helped me gain strength and confidence. Thanks John!!

Tanya Sweet  recommends My New Trainer, LLC.

John is a great motivator and makes training fun.. I highly recommend him!!

Liz Vitali  recommends My New Trainer, LLC.

I have been training with John for a little over six months now. I started out absolutely hating the gym, not motivated and needing some help. After meeting with John and starting to train with him, my entire outlook has changed. I have held myself accountable for getting up and working out. He is motivating and helpful with any questions. He does not try and kill you like some trainers I have tried out before. He paces you properly and ups your work outs to push you at the right pace. He truly listens to you and wants you to better yourself! I couldn’t say enough great things about him!!

Stephen Silvestro  recommends My New Trainer, LLC.

John is an absolutely amazing personal trainer. He will work with individuals to reach their fitness goals. He has the ability to work with so many different types of people with various personal fitness expectations. If your New Years goal or anytime of the year goal is to be healthier and more fit he is your guy.

Maryanne Shirshac recommends My New Trainer, LLC.

I have been going to My New Trainer at Body Temple Fitness for more than a year now. John is wonderful. My fitness goals are always changing (running, biking, climbing) and he always approaches each goal with enthusiasm. He takes what I want to achieve and works with me step by step to get me there.

Christine Ivers recommends My New Trainer, LLC.

The best trainer I ever had!!! If you need someone to help you get fit and healthy check out John Zvonek!

Meaghen Scalley  recommends My New Trainer, LLC.


Love this dude!!!
Committed to his clients and a healthy lifestyle.


Sneha Patidar  recommends My New Trainer, LLC.

When I first started working out, I was probably at my lowest point. I gained over 20 lbs from a thyroid condition and got so tired of having 2 different size clothes in my closet. John was patient and listened to all my concerns. He knows when to push you and lets me go at my own pace. John is truly amazing. He knows what he’s doing and doesn’t push unnecessary protein shakes or pills or anything. He’s there while you’re working out and giving pointers on how to improve and he answers any questions related to workouts. It's never the same thing and he’s always changing it up.


Lawrence Kaplan  recommends My New Trainer, LLC

John is as good as trainers get. He’s always learning and growing as a trainer and as a person. He’s as passionate as trainers come and has an unwavering sense of personal responsibility. He’ll never tell you to do something he hasn’t tried (and likely perfected). He will try anything he can think of to make working out fun for you. Exercise isn’t just his career - he embodies the spirit of an active lifestyle 24/7 and has a deep sense of personal responsibility for the product he delivers to his clients. Most importantly, John is a true underdog in every sense of the word. He’ll never judge you, he’ll never give up on you, and if you are willing to make a commitment, he’ll help you get to where you want to be. I can’t recommend him enough to anyone looking for a personal trainer.

Ben Berry  recommends My New Trainer, LLC

If you want to get into shape, this is where you should start. Whether you want to become stronger, faster, or anything to improve your health, John does it the old fashion way. Work hard, talk less, and a lot of sweat. No gimmicks. No scams. Just determination.


Jennifer Ternullo  recommends My New Trainer, LLC

I have been taking John’s workout classes for almost 8 years now. I love his classes! He is motivating and keeps the class moving. Whether it is a high-impact class or weight training class, he is thorough and works every body part. You leave his class feeling like you had the best workout.


Terminaya Price  recommends My New Trainer, LLC.

I've been training with John for six years now and he's an incredible person with all the tangibles and motivation to take you to the next level.
Believe me, he is one of the most experienced, dedicated and committed trainers around.
He is the true definition of #BEASTMODE!🏋️‍♂️💪🔥🔥🚀

I met John at the ESPN Wellness Center where I work. He teaches one of the best and toughest group fitness classes. I took his class at least twice a week. I really enjoy his music playlist, the variety of challenging workouts he creates. Hands down, you can't go wrong training with John. If you're ready to improve your fitness, then look no further.